Sep 2, 2014

Why hasnt the imgur for video arrived yet?

The next big startup opportunity: YouTube 2.0 - You hear it every day it seem. Just take the simplicity of imgur and have it support videos.

There are other reasons besides imgurs simplicity this seems like a good idea. Google is continuing on their blitzkrieg against anonymity. The widely publicized push to vacate pseudo-anonymous comments on YouTube and replace them with universally hated Google+ comments (except for Linus Torvalds who really loves G+) has not made YouTube any more desirable.

Even further, Youtube has matured quite a bit since their initial launch years ago. Its bloated with alternative views, extraneous features, social integrations, filters on filters, etc.. Ironically the one thing YouTube seems to be getting worse at is actually serving videos quickly.

So, with all these pain points, why is it taking so long for the savior of video to arrive? Its actually a three words answer.

YouTube Partner Program

Say what you want about Google, but they gave done one thing extremely well and that is in monetizing the web. The YPP is a stranglehold on the industry. The issue is, that even though all people who publish videos to the web may be willing to sacrifice earnings for ease of use, they would not want to sacrifice the increase in views. Just by having your video on YouTube in the first place gets you exposure that a imgur-for-video would be hard to hold a candle to.

So, what would this new video startup have to do, to gain traction and remain relevant? Obviously it should solve the current pain points YouTube has, but it also needs to find a way for users to be able to monetize content as close to Google’s payouts as possible. Realistically, the only player I can see who could create this is imgur themselves. They obviously have the audience from their image platform to help expose newly updated videos to more users (solving the views problem)- They simply need to quadruple down on ad sales teams and build out a affiliate program.

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